Civilian Crisis Response Team

Our 2 Main Missions


After the 911 call is made, it takes an average of 7 Minutes for a police officer, firefighter, or medic to arrive. Is a family member having a heart attack? Is there a car accident with the car on fire or is someone suffering severe bleeding? Are you facing an attacker with a weapon? If some intervening action is not taken, 7 minutes can mean DEATH.


Our founders include police officers, ambulance medics, firefighters, military, and people from all walks of life. Regardless of how well professional responders are trained and how well they perform under pressure, they simply cannot be everywhere and they can never get there fast enough. Additionally, most bystanders either won't help, don't know what to do, or have a fear of getting involved.


This 7 Minutes is the prime reason for the creation of CCRT. Through education, training, and practice, we prepare those who are willing to stand up in that 7 Minute gap. We want them to fight to ultimately make a positive difference and affirm that a mere 7 Minutes can indeed save a LIFE! 


Our members are different. You won't find them just standing around with their hands over their mouths in horror or filming the incident to post on social media. They are the ones that jump in and work to make a difference.


We have no delusions of being professional responders. We are definitely not heroes. We don't go looking for emergencies, but when we find another human being needing help, we act. We simply Do Something, and that can make all the difference!


Most anyone will say that they will help in a crisis. We want those who desire the knowledge and confidence to actually help, to make a difference. That's our mission.


When a major natural disaster strikes, our professional responders are often overworked, short of manpower, and short of equipment.


Mutual aid can take some time to arrive on scene. The sheer scale of the disaster may find professional responders having issues in their own communities that take priority.


We witnessed this delayed response first hand during the August 2016 tornadoes in Kokomo and in the devastation of Hurricanes Harvey in 2017.

Firefighters, EMS, and Law Enforcement must prioritize their time to help those with the greatest need in the most dire situations.  As a result, others in need have to wait for help to arrive.


CCRT Members are nationally certified in a variety of disciplines such as swiftwater rescue and fully trained in the Incident Command System (ICS) and the National Incident Management System (NIMS).  We have our own equipment, medical supplies, and dispatch/ticketing systems.   We work with local authorities and DO NOT self-deploy.


We track all of our efforts and provide timely reports back to a centralized incident command center.

The Bottom Line: We help communities survive and recover.

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