Civilian Crisis Response Team

What is the Civilian Crisis Response Team?

We are an organized group of civilian volunteers who are committed to helping the people in our communities during their times of greatest need.

Since August 2015 we have grown to over 2,000 members in nineteen states.  

Our members have helped countless people involved in automobile accidents and medical emergencies. The lives of family, friends, and strangers have been saved because our members had the training needed and the conviction to act.

We're not just local. After other areas of the country were subjected to tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, and even hurricanes, CCRT deployed members to these areas to assist rescue and recovery efforts.

To date, we have rescued over 750 people, provided over 150 "field" medical treatments, and distributed over 7,500 meals and 25,000 bottles of water. We have cleared dozens of roads and helped families begin the recovery process of putting their lives back together following these disasters.





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Everyday Emergencies

Ever witness an automobile accident, a medical emergency, or someone in trouble? We all know that calling 911 is the right thing to do, but professional responders cannot appear instantly. Statistically, after a 911 call is made, it takes an average of 7 Minutes before police, fire, or ambulance personnel arrive. That seemingly small amount of time is huge to the person suffering a medical emergency. Our members are specifically trained to provide assistance until the professionals arrive. Over and over, this "bridging the gap" has been proven to make a significant and positive impact.

Disaster Response

After a tornado, earthquake, flood, or hurricane strikes, the large aid agencies are often tied up with efforts in major cities, leaving other communities vulnerable. Our trained disaster response team responds to help in these smaller communities. We provide rescue efforts, medical support, debris removal, and aid stations for the volunteers and those affected by the disaster.


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